Reports from Honduras

Reports from Honduras


Siguate Catacamas Olancho Honduras

Dear brothers and sisters how are you? I hope you are well enjoying all kinds of blessings, it is our desire and prayer for you.

This is the report of activities of June

Siguate Catacamas

  1. Personal evangelism
  1. In this month, I had problems to do evangelism, covid continues to causing problems in the community and we have to be careful.
  2.  The problem with my wife continues, she is afraid to be alone and she hear voices and she think we don´t love her and I have to be taking care of her. However, we´ve made some visits and we´ve been in the church. On June 24, we went to the doctor's appointment, an exam was performed and the doctor says that she is improving, that she has to continue the treatment strictly, and that the medicine is strong as it causes some difficulties.
  3. In addition, I had problems with the car and the problem was in the gearbox and they take out and fix the problem, I was a week that I couldn´t go to Siguate.
  1. Attendance average
  1. Sundays                   29 persons
  2. Wednesdays           17 adults
  3. Fridays                      14 adults
  1. Lessons taught
  1. Teaching about marriage
  1. The origin of the marriage
  2. Commandment of God for all
  3. Spiritual values
  1. Sermons preach
  1. Earth isn’t an eternal place
  2. Walking to the eternity
  3. The fulfillment of the word
  1. Material work
  1. This month we help a sister in Christ she’s trying to build her home, so we hear and provided her with cement ,rebar and metal roof when the neighbors so it the also join finally she’s living in her new house.
  2. In addition, another sister was in need of help so we provided sand and cement her house  built by adobe bricks so when is raining it start to wash out so she cover those walls and fix this problem. 
  1. Las lomas

This month some brothers visited me from las lomas church they came to tell thing that are affecting to the members, so I advise them about the problem and to fix it.

This everything for now

GOD bless you in Christ

Santos Espinoza


                                             Siguate Catacamas Olancho Honduras 6/6/2021

DEAR brothers his peace and love reign in our hearts

May report

  1. Siguate  
  1. This month visited few homes for two reasons.
  1. The covid situation is really worse in our area ,a lot people died for this illness and others are very sick at the hospital
  2. Am taking care of my wife she’s been so sick, same situation cause on her  mental problems,
  1. Average attendance

Sundays                   23 adults

Wednesdays            24 people

Fridays                       16 people

  1. Lessons taught
  1. Fearing God
  2. Working on our salvation
  3. Pagan customs
  4. Miracles
  5. Fighting until the end
  1. Personal info
  1. On nay 24th, we visit the clinic with my wife doctor told us she need some test for him to evaluate. Doctor told us that she has been doing better but her treatment will be long same health problem causes on her mental problems.
  2. On May 28th we visited campamento to visit my son Edwin this was good for her like  a distraction .
  1. Mission work

On May 26th  jogly and I traveled to las flores where they are building the church building carminda  was part of this trip she felt so comfy enjoying the view.

This everything until now I want you can comprehend my situation

In your service

Santos Espinoza  



                                                                    Siguate Catacamas Olancho Honduras

DEAR brothers his peace and love reign in our hearts

April report

  1. Siguate  
  1. This month we visited few homes cuase covid cases increase tremendous in this area, a lot of them spend weeks at the hospital and some of them pass away, this cause people do not care about the regulations.
  2. The church family still meeting at church building, with the last report the government order not meet more than 10 people and no kids, so we encourage them to keep strong in the faith.
  1. Average attendance

Sundays                   24 adults

Wednesdays            18 people

Fridays                       16 people

  1. Lessons taught
  1. In the unity there is strength
  2. True love
  3. Blessings from above
  4. Let’s stand firm
  5. His name has power
  1. Material work
  1. This month church desire to help our sister Maria Morales ,she needs help with her roof ,while there we notice that wasn’t an small reparation so made a desitione to change the roof from wood to metal roof its very expensive but is going to be long lasting.
  2. Also this sister tiburcia got a donation of a piece land she’s a single mom she plead for prayers for her to have a home, all her family is helping to make adobe bricks for try to build her house, church help with cement for the foundation.
  1. Mission work

On April 18th jogly and I traveled to culmi area with the intention to talk with the church there about las flores congregation plan, was invited to preach there where 60 people church there told us that will take the responsibility to help.

Back to town we had car problems there road there is not in good shape, so call Wilmer for him to recue us, we were about 45 minutes from home .

 Las lomas catacamas

  1. For this situation I haven’t visit homes our state is with high number of cases of covid 19
  2. I been taking care of my wife she still not feeling well, were fighting with an acute bronchitis she is under very expensive medications to control her problem.
  3. I been helping brothers with questions by phone calls
  4. A small group still meeting at Journey Mission Camp facility trying to obey the regulations.

This everything for now to inform you what is going on in our area

Your brother in Christ Santos Espinoza