Elementary Education

Elementary Education

Elementary Bible Classes

  • are fun places where children learn God's Word
  • build lifelong friendships
  • are taught so that children of ALL ages AND abilities can understand and retain


We use the Bible as our textbook.

Sunday Morning students are guided through the Bible by teachers who have been trained and have prepared lessons using Immerse Curriculum. View the Curriculum Information Page for more detailed information about what is covered during each quarter.

"Wonderful Wednesdays" is a class that is taught by a team of seasoned Bible Class teachers.  Wednesdays are a time where we can relex and have some fun in God's Word after long days at school and work. While in class students may find themselves making a movie, dressing in costume and acting out a lesson, Skyping a missionary, taking an online quiz or playing a memory game.  The Bible is taught in book order from Genesis to Revelation. Children will go through the entire Bible three times in the Elementary grades (1-5).

We have Bible goals for all students in all classes.

View the current list of Bible goals for Elementary students.


Why should children attend Bible Class?

  • Regular attendance at Bible class is a great way to build a sense of family and commitment to the Lord's Church.
  • Lessons from scripture help children make Godly choices in their everyday lives.
  • Children who attend Bible class regularly are much more likely to remain faithful during the rest of their lives.


Early Elementary children are developing skills to study the Bible for themselves. They are expanding their reading and writing abilities and are eager to learn. These students love to ask questions.

Middle Elementary students can memorize fairly easily and enjoy playing games. They are also developing skills for using the Bible and Bible reference tools. But, most importantly, they are beginning to understand God's plan for their lives.

PreTeens are a wonderful group. They are beginning to think abstractly and desire to have their opinions heard and respected. They are receptive to God’s offer of salvation.

(Excerpted and adapted from 21st Century Christian Publishing)