Ladies' Tuesday Bible Class

Ladies' Tuesday Bible Class

Ladies' Bible Class - Tuesdays 10:00am - 11:00am

Ladies at Conyers Church of Christ gather every Tuesday morning for fellowship and a special Bible class.  Classes meet regularly from September through May of each year. Once a month class is followed by lunch at a local restaurant.


Current Study

Pearl Seekers 

By Becky Fowler Blackmon

With a fresh, candid look at how today’s woman relates to the Scriptures, Becky lays out eleven vital goals for a woman of God to seek: spiritual mindset, second chances, and “the good part,” to name a few. This motivational book will gently admonish the lukewarm Christian, and fortify the staunchest follower of Christ. The Bible truly is the Pearl of great price. Learn to value this Pearl as your greatest treasure.


Recent Studies:



Selected lessons from Christian Woman magazine

Christian Woman magazine is written by and for Christian women. Each issue is full of uplifting articles, encouraging profiles, wholesome fiction, and practical advice. You'll find columns on women's health, book reviews, cooking, crafts, and more. An 8-lesson, pull-out, Bible study is found in the center of each issue. 



Bridges or Barriers

Making up much more than half of the church's fellowship and numbers are women. Though their role may not be in the public arena, their work and efforts are absolutely indispensable to the health and growth of local congregations. It is imperative that they understand how to work together peacefully to encourage and build up men, children, and one another. Bridges or Barriers by Cindy DeBerry and her daughter Angela Kmitta focuses on both the harmony that can exist between sisters and the enmity, with the intent to help all women in the Lord to be the best daughters of God they can be. 13 lessons.


But How Can I

Improving Your Christian Attitude. Almost all recent surveys of American women indicate that poor self esteem is at the heart of many of their deepest struggles. Depression, resentment, worry, jealousy, and anger are often rooted in a poor self image.But how do you overcome a poor self image? Plastic surgery? Change of spouse? More possessions? The answer is found instead in God`s Word.These two popular teachers, Charlotte Mize and Doris Black, combine their talents to help women discover God`s way to better self esteem. This material has been successfully presented in classrooms and seminars around the country and has proven to have a timeless appeal.Specific and practical steps are given for overcoming eleven of the most difficult emotional and attitudinal problems which grow out of a poor self image. Anyone interested in serious self-improvement will benefit greatly from this study.Contents Chapter 1: Anger Chapter 2: Resentment and Bitterness Chapter 3: Fear and Worry Chapter 4: Depression Chapter 5: Pride Chapter 6: Jealousy, Envy and Coveteousness Chapter 7: A Rebellious Heart Chapter 8: Self-image I Chapter 9: Self-image II Chapter 10: Sins of the Tongue Chapter 11: Blameshifting Chapter 12: Selfishness Chapter 13: You Can Do It




Current Teacher: Charlotte Falkner